Why Bamboo Makes A Good Stash Box Material

If you are a cannabis connoisseur with a collection of items, you may want a stash box to keep them in. There are lots of different stash boxes made from different materials. However, bamboo stashes are becoming pretty popular. There are good reasons for this. Here are a few ways in which bamboo makes for a good stash box material. Bamboo is green and eco-friendly.  Bamboo is very fast-growing, and it can be grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Read More 

Tips For Successfully Taking Reiki Classes Online

Reiki is a very intuitive energy healing modality. Although you do not directly touch the person you're healing with your hands, you do use your hands to pass on energy and guide your own energy. As such, reiki really is best learned in a hands-on, in-person environment. However, you can learn reiki online. In some cases, this may actually be your best or only option. For instance, you may not live near any in-person reiki classes, or you may have a health condition that makes it unsafe for you to leave your home. Read More 

Useful Tips When Purchasing A Mood Spray

There are all sorts of natural spray products that you can find on the marketplace today. Mood sprays in particular are starting to become more popular because of their positive effects on the mind. If you're looking to buy some, these tips will help. Focus on Natural Scents That You Like The reason mood sprays smell the way they do is that they're filled with natural scents. There are a lot of them, including mint, orange, lavender, and lemon. Read More 

Things You May Wonder About As You Receive Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture treatment can be really beneficial. It can help ease pain, control anxiety and depression, and promote all-around healing. Most patients ask questions and get a good, general understanding of what acupuncture involves before the treatment begins. But as you're laying there on the treatment table actually undergoing treatment, you may have a few other questions or concerns. With any luck, you'll find them addressed below. How is it possible that the needles don't hurt? Read More 

Facts To Know About Kratom Before You Buy

Many people buy kratom, both in loose and capsule forms. It can be used as a pain reliever and also as an aid for breaking addiction to opiates. If you are thinking of buying kratom for the first time, there are a few facts you should know. It is legal in the United States. Perhaps because it has properties of opiates, there are often rumors that kratom is illegal or will become illegal very soon. Read More