Tips For Successfully Taking Reiki Classes Online

Reiki is a very intuitive energy healing modality. Although you do not directly touch the person you're healing with your hands, you do use your hands to pass on energy and guide your own energy. As such, reiki really is best learned in a hands-on, in-person environment. However, you can learn reiki online. In some cases, this may actually be your best or only option. For instance, you may not live near any in-person reiki classes, or you may have a health condition that makes it unsafe for you to leave your home. It's absolutely possible to learn reiki in an online class, provided you follow these tips:

Line up someone to practice on

You need to practice reiki techniques on another person. There will be some learning you can do on your own in an online class, but for other techniques and exercises, you need a practice patient to work on. So before you start your classwork, make sure you have at least one person willing to volunteer as your subject. If you can find two or three, that's even better. It allows you to be more flexible with your timing and practice.

Dedicate a quiet space to learning

To learn and practice reiki, you really have to be silent and quiet, focusing on the energy flowing through you and others. This is tough to do in a loud space with people around. For instance, you would not want to take your online reiki practice at the kitchen table, surrounded by family members who are joking around and watching videos. Instead, dedicate a quiet, soothing space to your reiki classes. Light some candles or incense, and tell friends and family members to give you some alone time — unless, of course, you're practicing on one of them.

Ask questions

Engaging with the instructor is a little harder when you're taking an online class, but asking questions is a good way to do it. This will help you clarify anything that was unclear. Also, pay attention to the questions other students ask; you will learn from the instructor's answers. Participate in any forums or chats that are associated with the class, and get to know the other students, too.

Taking reiki classes online is different from taking them in person, but it can be a great way to learn. Adhere to the tips above for the best results. For more information about online reiki classes, contact a local program.