Things You May Wonder About As You Receive Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture treatment can be really beneficial. It can help ease pain, control anxiety and depression, and promote all-around healing. Most patients ask questions and get a good, general understanding of what acupuncture involves before the treatment begins. But as you're laying there on the treatment table actually undergoing treatment, you may have a few other questions or concerns. With any luck, you'll find them addressed below.

How is it possible that the needles don't hurt?

No matter how many times your acupuncturist tells you that the needles won't hurt, you struggle to believe it until you experience it yourself. Then, as the needles go in and you don't feel a thing, you wonder how this is possible. It has to do with the size of the needles. They're just so incredibly thin that your skin doesn't even register them going in. Acupuncturists also know just how quickly to slide the needles in so that they can minimize sensation and, more specifically, pain. You may actually feel the needles being inserted once your practitioner reaches areas where your flesh is thinner, such as over your joints or face. But still, the sensation will be really minimal.

What would happen if you do move?

Your acupuncturist will tell you to lie still before they begin working on you. So, as you lie there, you may find yourself wondering what will happen if you do move. In the worst-case scenario, a needle could get pushed further into your body, potentially causing damage and pain. But this is very rare. What's more likely is that you'll just ruin the relaxing vibe that comes with lying still during treatment. Once you break this vibe and move, it can be tough to get back into the zone. If you do need to move, such as to scratch an itch, say something to your practitioner. They can move needles, if needed, or even scratch the spot for you.

Why aren't the needles being placed where your pain is?

If your knee hurts, you might assume the practitioner would place needles in and around your knee. If your back hurts, you'd expect needles to be inserted into your back. Sometimes, acupuncturists do need to put needles directly in the treatment area. But other times, they place the needles elsewhere, which can be confusing. This is because they are addressing the neural pathways related to the area. They may, for example, need to place needles in your thigh to address the nerves leading to your knee. 

Hopefully, this article alleviates some of the concerns you have as you lie on the acupuncture table. Above all else, try to relax and enjoy yourself. Acupuncture can be lovely if you allow it to be.

For more information, contact a local acupuncture facility, like Acupuncture Medical Center.