Why Bamboo Makes A Good Stash Box Material

If you are a cannabis connoisseur with a collection of items, you may want a stash box to keep them in. There are lots of different stash boxes made from different materials. However, bamboo stashes are becoming pretty popular. There are good reasons for this. Here are a few ways in which bamboo makes for a good stash box material.

Bamboo is green and eco-friendly. 

Bamboo is very fast-growing, and it can be grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. This makes it a very "green" plant to grow, which is important in a world where pollution and deforestation are increasing concerns. Compare this to plastic, which results in pollutants being released when it is made. Also, compare it to wood, which comes from trees that take much longer to grow and replace. A bamboo stash box simply makes sense in an environmental sense.

Bamboo holds its shape as humidity changes.

Humidity causes a lot of porous materials to expand and contract. Wood, for example, would expand or contract depending on how much moisture it is exposed to. If you bring a wood stash box into a humid environment and then into a dry environment, the change in moisture levels can cause the joints to open and separate. Bamboo is a lot more resistant to changes in moisture level. A bamboo stash box should hold its shape in almost any environment. This means a bamboo stash box will hold its shape better over the years than one made from wood.

Bamboo looks great with a natural finish.

Natural bamboo has a medium tone with a little variation in color. Most people find it quite beautiful. When you opt for a bamboo stash box, you can find one with a simple, clear finish — you don't really need one that has been coated in a complicated or expensive product. The natural look of bamboo coordinates well with the cannabis vibe!

Bamboo has high-temperature resistance.

You probably don't plan on exposing your stash box to direct heat from a lighter or lit joint, but these things do happen from time to time. Bamboo has a high-temperature tolerance, so it is less likely to light on fire or develop burn marks when exposed to heat. It will light on fire if you try, but this is unlikely to happen.

With these benefits in mind, you can start shopping for a bamboo stash box. There are lots of options, so have fun!