3 Natural Supplements For Pain Relief

If you enjoy natural health care, you will want to figure out which supplements are best for certain ailments. This way, you will be able to stock your medicine cabinet with every kind of supplement that you could ever need to deal with health problems as they arise. Pain is a health issue that in 2006, 76 million Americans dealt with in some form or fashion, so if you're looking to beat this pain without turning to pills, consider these three supplements for your pain relief needs. Read More 

Health Concerns And Psychic Readings: How Alternative Solutions Work Alongside Traditional Medical Care

Turning to natural solutions for health care is something that more people are doing every day. Confidence increases in these options as scientific research has confirmed the effectiveness of alternative treatments like acupuncture and herbs and spices. Another healing method that has earned more respect is the power of the mind/spirit to help heal the body. Many medical professionals now encourage their patients to visualize their bodies healing or their medication fighting their disease. Read More 

How to Convince Your Medical Insurance Company to Pay for Telephone Counseling

If the thought of seeing a therapist in person scares you, then telephone counseling is a great alternative form of therapy. You will receive many of the same benefits of in-person therapy, including the ability to talk to an unbiased person about your problems in order to find a resolution, but you can do so in the comfort of your own home. Telephone counseling is also a great resource for people who don't have transportation to a therapist's office. Read More 

Aching Back? 3 Natural Pain Relief Options For Addicts

From a work injury or car accident to emotional stress, the various causes of back pain are overwhelming. While living with the pain is always an option, you may visit your doctor for medication that will offer you some relief. Unfortunately, these prescription medications may be doing more harm than good in your life. Not only does prescription pain medicine cause problematic side effects, but it can also be very addictive. Read More