From Congestion Relief To Fever Reducer: Six Benefits Of Menthol Crystals

Perhaps you already know that menthol has been used for centuries due to its healing properties. There are many ways to use menthol, and when purchased in crystal form, from companies such as Mass Corporation, you can get creative and make your own home remedies for what ails you. Here are a handful of advantages to using menthol crystals:

1. It's an Invigorating Wake-Me-Up

If you feel groggy and sluggish first thing in the morning, what do you normally do to wake up? Perhaps you rely on that morning cup of coffee. While the caffeine in your morning coffee acts as a temporary stimulant, this chemical can have unpleasant side effects. Why risk feeling jittery or hyper when you can walk up and feel refreshed naturally? This is precisely what menthol crystals can do for you. Simply take a whiff straight from the jar. Alternatively, you may place some menthol crystals in a diffuser. You'll be surprised how instantly refreshed and alert you'll feel.

2. It Will Help Drain Your Sinuses and Unclog Your Stuffy Nose

Are you suffering from the effects of a nasty cold or respiratory infection? Do your sinuses feel congested from allergies? Skip the medications that make you restless or drowsy. Get relief naturally with menthol crystals. Place some in your vaporizer for instant relief. You can also add some crystals to a pot of boiling water or make your own mentholated rub by diluting them in coconut oil or water. Apply the rub over your temples and feel the cooling sensation open up your nasal and sinus passages.

3. It Provides Soothing Relief From Skin Irritations

If your skin is irritated due to sunburn, itchy rashes or bug bites, try applying some menthol crystals or rub directly to the irritated area. Leave it on for a half hour then rinse it off. For extra cooling relief, mix the menthol crystals with natural aloe vera gel.

4. It May Help Relieve Your Headache

Next time you've got a headache, apply some menthol crystals or mentholated cream made from the crystals onto your temples or forehead. You may experience relief from headache pain without having to rely on drugs.

5. Menthol Crystals May Be Used as a Fever Reducer

If you are not keen on taking oral medications to reduce fever, apply some menthol crystal rub to your forehead instead. Its cooling effect may help bring down a temperature naturally.

6. The Menthol Is a Good Muscle Relaxant

For minor aches and pains, try applying some menthol crystals onto the affected area. If you've made a mentholated rub, gentle massage the ointment into your muscles for soothing relief.