Pros And Cons Of Using OTC Allicin Oil To Treat Pinworms

Pinworms can be quite a nuisance. These tiny worms like to live in the large intestine. They emerge from the anus at night to lay eggs just outside of it, which causes intense itching. Pinworms are common in kids, but they can affect adults, too. There are a few ways to get rid of them, including some prescription medications. However, one remedy people can turn to is allicin oil, a substance derived from garlic. Read More 

How Can An Infrared Sauna Session After Working Out Benefit Athletes?

If you're an athlete, scheduling an infrared sauna session after a tough workout can benefit you in multiple ways. Infrared saunas directly warm your body using infrared light in order to raise your core temperature, and this often makes them easier to tolerate than traditional saunas that heat up a room using steam. Raising your body temperature increases your heart rate just like physical activity without causing any wear and tear on your joints and muscles. Read More 

What Makes Some CBD Tinctures “Relaxing?”

When you start shopping for CBD tinctures, one thing you'll soon notice is that there are a lot of options. Some CBD tinctures will be specifically labeled "relaxing." CBD on its own does tend to take the edge off of stress and help you relax. However, if a CBD tincture is specifically labeled "relaxing," there is usually something about it that makes it more relaxing than your average, plain, CBD tincture. Read More