Pros And Cons Of Using OTC Allicin Oil To Treat Pinworms

Pinworms can be quite a nuisance. These tiny worms like to live in the large intestine. They emerge from the anus at night to lay eggs just outside of it, which causes intense itching. Pinworms are common in kids, but they can affect adults, too. There are a few ways to get rid of them, including some prescription medications. However, one remedy people can turn to is allicin oil, a substance derived from garlic. If you're wondering whether you should treat your pinworm infection with allicin oil, here are some pros and cons to consider.

Pros of Treating Pinworms With Allicin Oil

One big benefit of using allicin oil to treat pinworms is that it is widely available. A lot of health food stores sell it, and you may even find it in your local drugstore or grocery store. It is often prepared specifically for the treatment of pinworms, which gives you confidence that it is at the correct concentration or strength to work well.

Another benefit of allicin oil is that it is natural. Allicin is just a substance found in garlic. It is released when garlic is crushed. People historically have treated pinworms with whole garlic, but since it is the allicin in the garlic that actually kills the worms, just taking the allicin seems to make more sense. It's not a prescription medication or an artificially produced substance.

Allicin oil also works quite quickly to treat pinworms. While you should keep taking it for a few weeks to be sure all of the worms have died, most people experience relief from the itching within a few days of taking the allicin oil, which should give you comfort.

Cons of Treating Pinworms With Allicin Oil

One downfall of using allicin oil to treat pinworms is the scent. As you might expect, the oil smells strongly of garlic. Some people don't like that it gives them garlic breath. It may also make your body odor worse while you are taking it.

Another disadvantage is the fact that this oil is a liquid and can be messy. You'll need to store the bottle upright and be careful not to let the dropper leak when drawing up the oil.

If you can deal with the scent, allicin oil is an effective and natural treatment for pinworms. Contact a pinworm allicin oil supplier near you today to learn more about how to treat pinworms.