4 Natural Ways To Fight Insomnia

Sleep is necessary for good health. Without adequate sleep, you may feel emotionally unstable. Lack of sleep has even been linked to weight gain. Unfortunately, some people have a hard time falling asleep, and medication designed to help people fall asleep often causes grogginess. Luckily, there are natural ways to fight your insomnia. Here are four things that can help you fall asleep when you're having trouble.

1. White Noise

Some people have difficulty falling asleep in totally silent rooms. They may try to fall asleep with the TV on as a solution, but the bright light from the TV can inhibit proper sleep. White noise is a great alternative. The sounds generated by white noise machines are soothing, yet indistinct enough to not cause a distraction. If you're concerned about using too much electricity, you can program your white noise machine to turn off after a certain time, when you've already fallen asleep.

2. CBD Melatonin Capsules

Natural supplements can help you slide gently into sleep. Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced by your body. It makes you feel sleepy, and in supplement form, it can help you naturally regulate your sleep cycle. Melatonin can be somewhat effective on its own, but people with severe insomnia may find that they need extra help. CBD is also known as cannabidiol. It's derived from hemp, and it has natural properties that help people relax. Capsules containing both CBD and melatonin can help you sleep when taken before bed. You can often find CBD melatonin capsules in your local CBD shop.

3. Hot Drinks

Some people find that hot drinks help them fall asleep. Herbal or decaffeinated tea can be soothing right before bed. Some people find that warm milk has a soporific effect. When used occasionally in small quantities, even alcohol can help alleviate occasional insomnia. Hot toddies are a traditional drink made with hot water, whiskey, and lemon.

4. Meditation

Sometimes the origin of your insomnia isn't physical in nature. If you're often stressed and worried about many things, those concerns can keep you from falling asleep at night. In order to get some rest, you will have to learn how to let go of your worries. Meditation can help you with this process. Meditation teaches you to observe your breath and let go of your attachment to specific thoughts. Many people find that meditating for a few minutes before bed puts them in a better mindset for rest and relaxation.