Using CBD For Chronic Pain Relief

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an increasingly popular treatment option for the relief of chronic pain. If you are ready to find a new way to relieve pain, knowing how to find your right combination of CBD products and the appropriate dosage will help.

Start With A Tincture

Tinctures are concentrated CBD in liquid form that is placed under your tongue so you will absorb the active ingredients rapidly. You can usually find tinctures in varying concentrations, such as 500mg to 3000mg or more per bottle. Most bottles contain either 10ml or 30ml, so you will need to pay attention to the concentration relative to the amount of product in each bottle to help with dosing. For example, 3000mg in a 30ml bottle means you have 100mg per ml, whereas the same concentration in a 10ml bottle would be 300mg per ml. Sometimes the dropper that comes with your bottle with have measurements, but if it does not, consider purchasing disposable droppers online or from your local drug store to help with accuracy. It is generally better to invest in a bottle with a higher concentration of CBD, especially when you are managing chronic pain.

Determine Your Dosage

Most people recommend you start with a small amount of CBD and wait a couple of hours before you try more and learn your appropriate dosage through trial and error. If possible, talk with the manufacturer of your CBD product to see if they have a better dosing strategy. Some will recommend a certain amount of milligrams each day based on your weight and the severity of your pain. The total dosage is typically divided into two or three smaller doses throughout the day. For example, if you are a heavier person with severe pain, 45mg might be recommended, so you would take 22.5mg twice per day. Having a more accurate dosing strategy can prevent you from wasting your CBD tincture or not gaining any benefits because the dose was too low.

Incorporate Other Products

Since CBD is available in a wide range of products in addition to tinctures, this gives you the opportunity to find pain relief strategies between each dose of tincture. Vaping between your tincture doses is the most popular option because you can take puffs of vape juice and lessen pain quickly. Much like tinctures, it is more effecitve to choose a vape juice with a higher concentration of CBD. Unfortunately, it is harder to gauge dosage with vaping because you have no idea how many fractions of a milligram are in each puff. You can only learn from experience. Edibles and pills can be a better option for more controlled dosing between your tincture doses. These are also more discreet than vaping. If you choose edibles or pills, remember it may take an hour before you feel the benefits so schedule them accordingly.

People with chronic pain have a new option to reduce their pain and use of prescription medications with things like 1oz CBD pure pain relief tincture options. Since CBD is associated with reductions in inflammation, it works well for various types of chronic pain.