The Best Healing Crystals For People With Depression

Depression is a difficult burden to bear. There are plenty of treatments, from prescription drugs to herbs, but no single treatment works for everyone. Therefore, it is often wise to do a little experimenting and see what type of healing works best for you. Crystal healing is one option to explore. Certain crystals, when worn as jewelry, are said to affect the flow of energy through your mind and body in beneficial ways. Here are some crystals that are particularly beneficial for those with depression.


Larimar is a blue crystal with spots of cloudy white. The best larimar crystals look like a clue sky with white, puffy clouds running across it. As you might expect, this crystal is very cleansing and calming. It is said to help you transcend challenging situations and think through them more effectively. If your depression is related to being caught in a bad situation or one you'd prefer not to be in, then wearing jewelry with larimar may help you feel better and make wise decisions that ultimately contribute to your healing.


Tourmaline is a unique crystal that comes in both pink and blue varieties. Some pieces have streaks of black running through them. A tourmaline pendant or earrings is sure to attract a lot of positive attention. This crystal is also said to bring the wearer joy, which is helpful when you're struggling with depression. When wearing tourmaline, you should start seeing joy in situations that you previously may have found hopeless or sad.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's eye is a dark-colored crystal that looks like it has tiger stripes. The background is brown and black, and the crystal has stripes of orange on its surface. Tiger's eye is said to protect the wearer in challenging situations. It can help you fight through the day when depression is at its worst and you don't want to do anything. Put on a pendant with tiger's eye, and you'll have the strength to power through. Some people also wear it for endurance in certain situations. For example, if you're an introvert who starts to feel drained after being around people too long, wearing tiger's eye may help increase the time you can spend.

If you struggle with depression, look for some jewelry that incorporates the crystals listed above. Each of these crystals has its own unique benefits and will help you become a better version of yourself.

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