What Does The CBN In Full-Spectrum Gummies Do?

If you have purchased hemp extract gummies lately, you may have noticed that more and more brands are offering full-spectrum gummies. Rather than just containing CBD, the best-known therapeutic cannabinoid in hemp, these full-spectrum cannabinoids contain all of the compounds extracted from the hemp. One of these compounds is called CBN. It's gaining a bit more attention these days, and some companies are even advertising that their full-spectrum gummies are high in CBN. You should always understand what you are buying and ingesting, so here's a closer look at CBN. 

What is CBN?

The initials stand for cannabinol. Like CBD and THC, CBN is a cannabinoid — an active substance derived from hemp. Some strains of hemp are higher in CBN than others, but most contain at least trace quantities of the substance.

What are the effects of CBN?

The effects of CBN are similar to those of CBD, but with a few distinctions. CBN is thought to have really potent antibacterial effects. In other words, it may help your body fight off pathogenic bacteria, either preventing an infection or helping to end one. CBN is also good for stimulating appetite. This makes it a good choice for anyone suffering from an eating disorder and for people who are dealing with anorexia as a side effect of medication.

CBN also helps reduce intraocular pressure, which is the pressure inside of your eyes. If you are someone who takes hemp extract or CBD for glaucoma, this makes CBN worth looking into.

Are there any risks or side effects associated with CBN?

Hemp extract gummies made with CBN are very safe. However, some people do find that high-CBN gummies make them feel more tired and sedated than other gummies. If you experience this, then you may want to use gummies with low CBN levels in the daytime but switch to full-spectrum gummies with more CBN at night.

As hemp companies have become more knowledgeable about CBN, more have begun testing their products for this compound and listing the CBN contents on gummy packages. You shouldn't have a hard time figuring out which full-spectrum gummies are the best sources of CBN.

If you are taking full-spectrum gummies for glaucoma, appetite, or infection, then consider looking for gummies that are high in CBN. It's a cannabinoid that researchers are continually learning more about, and it is starting to earn a real place in the spotlight for its benefits.

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