Aching Back? 3 Natural Pain Relief Options For Addicts

From a work injury or car accident to emotional stress, the various causes of back pain are overwhelming. While living with the pain is always an option, you may visit your doctor for medication that will offer you some relief. Unfortunately, these prescription medications may be doing more harm than good in your life. Not only does prescription pain medicine cause problematic side effects, but it can also be very addictive.

Considering an estimated 23.5 million Americans are currently overcoming an addiction to drugs and alcohol, finding natural pain relief is smart to avoid a relapse in recovery. If you are an addict suffering with back pain, consider one of these natural pain relievers.


Centered on the use of hot or cold water to heal or soothe, hydrotherapy is a great option for natural relief of your back pain. Fortunately, the treatment is available in a variety of forms, including:

  • Compresses – Heating pad, ice pack, or warm towel compress are all effective for easing pain in your back.
  • Soak – Consider soaking in an ice bath or jetted tub for instant relief.
  • Rest – Rest in a hot sauna, which uses steam to reduce inflammation and relax the body.

Used throughout history to treat a variety of conditions, hydrotherapy is becoming a popular treatment for arthritis, constipation, stress, and pain disorders. With the different hydrotherapy options available, you can easily find relief for your back pain.


Many people feel they need complete bed rest after injuring their back. However, becoming immobile after an injury can cause your joints and muscles to stiffen, increasing pain and your recovery time. With doctor's supervision, incorporate exercise into your day to increase mobility and decrease pain without harmful medications.

Although not appealing to everyone, yoga is a great exercise option to consider for pain relief. Each day, complete the downward facing dog to stretch muscles in your back and neck. Stand upright on a floor mat and bend forward, keeping your back straight. Place your palms flat down on the mat. Step your feet back until the top part of your body is in a push-up position. Move your hips up to create an inverted 'v' shape. Be sure your chest pushes towards your knee while in the 'v' position. Make sure your arms, legs, and back are straight. Remain in this v-shaped position for one minute before stretching back to the upright. 

A short walk each day can also decrease back pain. Each day, add a few more minutes to your walk to increase endurance. Not only will you decrease your pain, but you will also improve your cardiovascular health.

While surprising to hear, exercise not only improves your physical health. During exercise, your body releases natural endorphins, which instantly improve your mood. Since painful injuries can cause anxiety and depression, exercising to improve your health and emotional wellness is smart.

Herbal Remedies and Supplements

As a recovery addict, you may be leery about taking supplements. However, many herbal supplements are natural and effective for reducing inflammation and pain without any harmful side effects. Of course, consult your doctor before taking any supplements. Here are a few supplements to add to your daily diet:

  • Capsaicin – You probably think of peppers when you hear capsaicin, which is a correct comparison since it derives from chili peppers. Topical capsaicin depletes a substance in your central nervous system, which controls your pain. Apply a thorough amount of capsaicin cream to your back each day for pain relief.
  • Ginger – Available in capsules, tea, powders, and oils, ginger is an effective anti-inflammatory that can reduce your back pain naturally. Take a 100 to 200 mg capsule of ginger each day to reduce inflammation and improve your back pain.
  • Turmeric – Incorporate more turmeric into your cooking or take the spice in a herbal capsule form to relieve your back pain. This popular spice contains curcumin, which naturally reduces inflammation. This results in less back pain and increased mobility.

Living as an addict can be challenging, but a successful, ongoing recovery can ensure a fulfilling life. Using this guide on natural treatment options, you can relieve your back pain without harmful prescription medications that may inhibit your recovery.

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